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timeslotRing 1
Beginner Novice/ Novice
Ring 2
Novice / Perfered Novice
9:00 AMJan Floydreserved
9:08 AMCindy SingletonMarsha Gintis
9:16 AMKathy LeeTammy Abernethy
9:24 AMCindy SingletonColleen Hobbs
9:32 AMKim PerryDebbie McClellan
9:40 AMNancy HughesBarb Grubb
9:48 AMKathy LeeColleen Hobbs
9:56 AMNancy HughesTammy Abernethy
10:04 AMSarah JinnahJoanne Kuchinski
10:12 AMTom SavareseDebbie McClellan
10:20 AMKay DrakeSarah Jinnah
10:28 AMKim PerrySarah Jinnah
10:36 AMKirk RidgeSharon Hinson
10:44 AMBetty McAllisterLinda Barber
10:52 AMJan FloydTeresa Suchodolski
11:00 AMTom Savarese Diana Rutherford
11:08 AMDiana RutherfordLinda Barber
11:16 AMTeresa SuchodolskiNancy
11:24 AMPatty McEwenNancy Vest