Spring Tarheel Cluster

March 18  - March 22, 2020

Wednesday March 18th,  Cary Kennel Club (AB/O/JSHW),

Thursday, March 19th,  Alamance Kennel Club (AB/O/JSHW)

Friday, March 20th, Durham Kennel Club (AB/JSHW),

Saturday, March 21th, Raleigh Kennel Club (AB/O/JSHW)

Saturday, March 22th, Fayetteville Kennel Club (AB/O/JSHW)

We had been looking forward to welcoming everyone to our Spring show on March 20th, but due to the Governor’s mandate, the NC State Fairgrounds notified us that they were closed to all events. We held out hope to the very last minute, but sadly had to cancel our show.

Unfortunately, there will be no entry refunds. There are numerous expenses that Durham Kennel Club is obligated for even though our show was not held, and in order to be able to hold shows in the future, returning entries is not possible. We are sorry, and ask for your understanding as we realize that everyone has been adversely affected by the shut down of events across the country. We are looking forward to resuming normalcy in the near future and hope to see you at a future show.


Tarheel Labor Day Cluster

September 3   - September 7, 2020

Saturday,September 5, Durham Kennel Club(AB/JSHW)

FSS Breeds(Incl.Misc)
Date: May 4 & May 5 2019

Closing Date: Wednesday April 24 2019 11:59 pm

Place: Durham Kennel Club Building

Linda C Wozniak, Event Secretary
9514 Bridle Spur
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 942-5818   

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